Kyle Kurz


Code slinger, problem solver, people wrangler.


I've spent years improving my ability to solve problems quickly in C++. From embedded Linux to large-scale DNA analysis, I've built out flexible, functional frameworks for many projects and delivered modular, maintainable code.


I have three years experience working with Microsoft's Xamarin platform building the Switchvox Softphone app. This app contains a shared C++ and F# business layer and platform-specific C# UI layers; sharing approximately 70% of the codebase between iOS and Android, as well as about 45% of the codebase with Digium desk phones.


The iOS development landscape changes yearly, and I make it my job to know what's new and how to utilize it. I leverage Objective-C, Swift, CocoaPods and other tools to quickly develop and enhance apps with every iOS release.


I've successfully transitioned a team from zero-process to Agile sprints with great buy-in by developers and a much stronger sense of direction and timing across the team. While Agile is not for everyone, finding a process that enables productivity and predictability is tremendously valuable.


I've always had the propensity for leadership. Whether officially titled or not, I end up being "the guy with the answers". Over time, this has been recognized and I've been promoted into leadership roles, allowing me to continue growing my skillset and learning from those around me. My technical chops, combined with seemingly rare interpersonal strengths, allow me to lead a team of talented developers to achieve far more than I could ever accomplish myself.

System Architecture

System design is one of the most critical aspects software development, and an are where I have great pride in my abilities. I am able to simultaneously see the big picture and finite detail, a skill that many developers struggle with. Additionally, I am experienced in translating non-technical feature requests from PM, Sales and Customers into concrete engineering tasks.


Here are some links to my professional and personal projects and interests. Feel free to check them out!


Following my 2010 graduation from Ohio University with a Master’s in Computer Science, my wife and I moved to San Diego, CA for fun, sun and adventure. We love it here, and we’ve seen our fair share of all three.

During my time at school, my work focused on bioinformatics software development and application, primarily the elimination of code redundancy and ease of development. My thesis, entitled “A Parallel, High-Throughput Framework for Discovery of DNA Motifs” involved the creation of a modular C++ framework which allows DNA word/motif discovery developers to focus on small partial algorithms for use in a pipeline while utilizing prior work done by other labs to complete their own custom application.

For the last seven years, I’ve been working as a Software Engineer at Digium, working on a number of projects, beginning with the Digium Phones. Our core development team included myself and two other developers, and we took the project from inception to release in just over a year, releasing three desktop VoIP phones in early 2012. My tasks included building a custom HTTP/XML over SIP communication stack for doing configuration and updates, as well as UI/UX design and implementation. Since then, I’ve taken over as the Software Engineering Manager for our client team, working with our product managers to develop new features and our mobile team as we expand into softphone clients. We’re currently working on our third major release of our Android softphone, following a Q4 ’16 release on iOS. I am also a member of our system architecture team, defining the next set of features across the entire Switchvox platform.

I’ve recently started Double-K Audio. In 2015 I released an iOS App called Weather’s Clear which provides a quick summary of your current weather forecast for the remainder of the day and a push notification of the forecast for tomorrow based off user-defined thresholds. I have also designed some small MIDI tools based on Arduino for use on my pedalboard and I have a software package for a programmable relay switcher with a PCB currently in development.

In my spare time, I do a lot of cooking, invest in learning new technologies via multiple side projects, and write and record music. I truly value my hobbies and find that they give life, both in themselves, and through a reinvigorated work focus once I return from an evening of engaged distraction.

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